If you yearn for simpler times when you knew the expectations – when grandmothers weren’t expected to wear Spanx, take aerial yoga classes, or get botox?

This blog’s for you.

If you know all of the words to Cake by the Ocean AND Wheels on the Bus, this blog’s for you.

If your empty nest is now filled with baby wipes and teething rings; this blog’s for you.

If you’re somewhere between OMG, what happened to my real life and thank you God for this amazing life; this blog’s for you.

If you’re making it up as you go along; this blog is definitely for you.

Whether you’re new to “grandmommin” or been at it awhile I hope you’ll find something that touches your heart, makes you smile or enriches your life in some way. Grab a cup of coffee (or bottle of wine – we don’t judge) and join the fun.

Bonus: if you know what “cake by the ocean” means….good for you! We’re going to get along just fine.