Disclosure: I’m not an expert on blogging.  However, I’m loving this journey. There is so much to learn and so much information floating around, I thought I would share some of the lessons I’ve learned so far.

You’ll find a lot of free stuff – some of it really good, some of it just okay, and some of it pretty bad. There’s also a lot of people selling information. You can basically find anything and everything. From ridiculously expensive (and worthless)  to very reasonable (and amazing).  I don’t recall how I stumbled across the Pajama Affiliates, but they are sanity savers. They provide a ton of free information through their Pajama Affiliates Mastermind Group on Facebook, and they also have very reasonably priced classes. You can purchase classes in bundles or just one at a time to meet your current need or circumstances. They are the real deal! If you’re looking to get started with an affiliate marketing blog, this should be one of your first stops. No fluff and a lot of hand holding.

If you’re interested in one of their classes and use my affiliate link, I’ll make a small commission. (just another bonus from this group).  You don’t have to purchase anything to join the Facebook group and I highly recommend hanging out there for a little while to check it out. You’ll learn a ton and get the chance to see if this is the right direction for you.

As I learn and grow, I’ll continue to add resources and information here so check back often.