Eat Free on Your Birthday: Morning, Noon and Night

Yay! It’s my birthday month. I love, love, love my birthday and try to stretch out the celebration as much as I can – like all month long. This year I decided to pay a little more attention to all those birthday freebies available and be more strategic in my pursuit. Whoa! I’ve truly been missing out. So you don’t miss out too I’ve created this How to Eat Free on Your Birthday Guide.

The days of just a corny off-tune birthday song with chocolate syrup over vanilla ice cream are over. I mean, it’s my birthday and a  girl’s gotta eat. So why not eat for free?  All. Day. Long!


How to Eat Free on Your Birthday

There’s a ton of places that offer free food for your birthday and all most of them want is a little piece of your email soul. It’s a small sacrifice in exchange for the free goodies. However, after the thrill (and food coma) is gone, do I really want to wade through a bazillion emails in my everyday email account? No, I do not! Not even for 10 boneless chicken wings. Ding. Ding. Ding. I created an email account just for this purpose. This will also be my email account for those extra 10% off discounts, coupons, etc. I just gave myself a high five.

Channeling my inner Monica Gellar I’ve attacked this birthday plan like I’m shopping for my wedding dress from Kleinmans.  Sidenote: This is a must see episode of Friends from Season 7.  Below is a snapshot of how my birth(month) menu is shaping up. Of course it’s subject to change as I continue to discover more freebies.

8:00 am: Before I kickstart my day with a drink from Starbucks (something I almost never do so this is a real splurge) I’m going to make it easy for everybody and throw on this adorable birthday shirtBirthday Girl T Shirt with my favorite boyfriend jeans.Lee's Women's Curvy Boyfriend Jeans I basically live in these jeans because they are that comfortable. However, after this much indulgence I may have to trade them in for something with an elastic waistband.

9:00 am: Wrestle with the free pancakes from Ihop or a free waffle from Waffle House decision.

10:00 am: Possibly slip in a little time on my Simply Fit Board between breakfast and my Moe’s birthday burrito for lunch.

12:00: Hmm… Moes, Zaxby’s or Zoe’s Kitchen?

1:00-3:00: Give it a break – maybe.  But then again,  I could get my free Quizno’s cookie.

3:00: Grab my free drink from Dunkin Donuts. Hello, Diet Dr. Pepper.

5:00: Join the girls for free chips and salsa from Chili’s – wash down with an adult beverage.

7:00: Steak N Shake sounds perfect for a free burger AND fries.

9:00: Wrap it up with a small ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

Whoa! That’s a lot of food (aka calories). I need to keep in mind that most places give a two week window to honor the birthday freebie.  Note to hubby…..I won’t be cooking very much this month.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more offers available, I just highlighted the more global ones. (Note: offers may vary by location). Don’t forget to check your local eateries for more fun deals and giveaways.

Happy Birthday fellow Gemini friends! Next up – all the non-food birthday free stuff. Woot! Woot!


Bojangles: Free Bo-Berry Birthday Biscuit (Join the E-Club)

Breuggers Bagels: Free Bagel (Join the E-club)

Denny’s:  Original Grand Slam (Sign up for Denny’s Rewards)

Ihop: Free Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity Pancakes (Join the Pancake Revolution)

Waffle House: Free waffle (Become a Waffle House Regular)


Buffalo Wild Wings: Free Starter (Sign up for the Buffalo Circle)

Chili’s: Free Appetizer or Dessert (Sign up for My Chili’s Account)

Joe’s Crab Shack: Free Appetizer (Sign up for Joe’s Catch E Club)

Olive Garden: Free Appetizer or Dessert (Join the E club)

Texas Roadhouse: Free Appetizer (Subscribe to the Email List)

TGIF Fridays: Appetizer or Dessert (Sign up to be  TGIF Rewards Member)

Lunch / Dinner

Arbys: Free roast beef sandwich with purchase of drink (Sign up to get deals)

Firehouse Subs: Free medium sub – (download app)

Hooters: Free 10 boneless chicken wings with purchase of drink (Join the E-club)

Jersey Mikes Subs: Free sub and regular size drink (Join the email club)

Johnny Rockets: Free hamburger (Join the Rocket e-club)

Moes: Birthday Burrito (Download the app or sign up for Rockin’ Rewards)

Red Robin: Free gourmet burger (Register for Red Robin Royalty Rewards)

Ruby Tuesday: Free burger (Get So Connected)

Steak N Shake: Free double steak burger with cheese AND a side of fries. (Join the e-club)

Uno Pizzaria: Free entree (Join the Uno’s Insider e-club)

Zaxby’s:  Enjoy a meal deal (choice of 8) and a birthday nibbler. Join the Zax Max Club

Zoe’s Kitchen: Get free hummus and pita  (Sign up for ZoeMail)


Applebees: Free dessert (Join the email club)

Baskin Robbins: Free 2.5 ice cream (Join the birthday club)

Bonefish Grill: Free dessert (Sign up to be a BFG insider)

Buffalo Wild Wings: Free dessert (Join the Buffalo circle)

Carrabas: Free dessert with purchase of entre (Join the Offer Program)

Cheesecake Factory: Free ice cream with singing

Cracker Barrell: Totally free – no strings attached dessert

Dairy Queen: Free Blizzard. Hot freaking dog! (Join the Blizzard Fan Club)

Longhorns: Free dessert (Join the club)

Melting Pot: 6 Free chocolate dipped strawberriers (Become a club fondue member)

Outback: Free kid size ice cream with chocolate sauce (no strings). Sign up and get your meal Aussified

PF Changs: Free cake or cheesecake  (Join PF Chang’s preferred rewards)

Quiznos Subs: Free cookie (Join Q club)

Red Lobster: Free dessert or appetizer + $5 coupon off entre (Join the fresh catch club)

Rita’s Italian Ice: Single scoop of ice cream of ice custard (Sign up for the birthday club)

Smashburger: Free milkshake (vanilla, chocolate, Chocolate Oreo, strawberry) Download the app and join Smashclub

Sonic: Free cream slush, tater tots or medium drink (Download the app)


Aunt Annies Pretzels: Free pretzel (Download My Pretzel Perks app)

Cinnabon Bakery: Free pastry (Sign up for Cinnabon offers)

Dunkin Donuts: Free beverage (Register for  DD Perks)

Great American Cookies: Free cookie (Join the cookie club)

Krispy Kreme: Free donut (Join the e-club)

Marble Slab Creamery:  Free ice cream (Join the Slap Happy email list)

Panera Bread: Free pastry, dessert or café item (Join my Panera)

Planet Smoothie: Free smoothie (Join the birthday e-club)

Starbucks: Coupon free drink or food item for your birthday (Join Starbucks rewards)

Sonic: Free cream slush, tater tots or medium drink (Download the app)

The legwork’s done, so just click, sign up, and enjoy! PS: After all of this you might want to consider one of these too.
















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